See, feel and taste using all of your sense our delicious red strawberry

Welcome to the largest strawberry plantation in the Tohoku area,
with area of 320,000 square meter that host 230,000 strawberry plants
located in Yamamoto it truly its the name it is given,
「The Strawberry Kingdom」.

In Yamamoto strawberry plantation,
you will be enjoying the fully grown strawberry,
the strawberry cafe and products made out from strawberry
and our winery that also produces fine strawberry wine!

【Introduction of Our Farm】

「This clip introduces about Yamamoto Strawberry Farm.」


いちごアイコンIchigo Hunting!

Walk through and between 10 houses filled with strawberry plants,
feel the joy of picking any fruit that you desire!


いちごアイコンIchigo hunting season and open hour

Season: Dec 10th till the beginning of June
※ Open hours: 10:00AM – 3:00PM
We open All days during the season!
※ We may close doors for new customers once we are fully booked, please contact us for any inquiries.
※ Open hours might change without prior notice.
※ We close on January 1st.

いちごアイコンIchigo hunting fee

Fees are flat rate per person as showing in the table below.
※ It’s a “eat all you can” for 30 minutes.
※ We only accept reservations by e-mail when it is a planned group visit..
※ Groups of 20 people or more must call for reservations. Please check here.

Fees for Ichigo hunting:

7 yrs old and up \2,000 \1,800 \1,300
3~6 yrs old \1,000 \900 \600
2 yrs old and under Free Free Free

いちごアイコンExperience Ichigo hunting for foreigners

At the beginning the idea of picking the berries of the plant with my hand sounded strange, but as soon I have picked my firstberry and tasted it, I started to understand the fun and how it is joyful the process.


I can’t wait to return and do this again, as now I have more experience about strawberry, and I know which one taste good!

【How to enjoy Strawberry Picking】

「This clip shows you the flow of strawberry picking.」


いちごアイコンCafe Berry Very Labo

The cafe service lunch and dessert, guess what dishes and dessert we make using strawberry?

Also we have a gift shop were you can return home with a “omiyage” from Yamamoto town!

Cafe Berry Very Labo and Yamamoto Baum

The house on the right is Cafe “Berry Very Labo” and the log-house on the left is “Yume Kobo Yamamoto Baum”.

いちごアイコンYume Kobo Yamamoto Baum(Gifts)

Next to Cafe Berry Very Labo, we have a shop for Baumkuchen, jams, cordials, and other products. We do gift wrappings.

夢工房 やまもとバームギフトショップ

いちごアイコンFarm Experience

We have 1 hectare of greenhouses operated and monitored with state of the art computer system and a winery.

※ Visiting some areas, you might need to be a group of more than 15 people with a prior reservations, we do not accept reservations for smaller groups.


いちごアイコンAccess to The farm

By train: 15 minutes walking from Yamamoto St. JR Joban Line
By car: 5 minutes from Yamamoto IC and follow the map directions

※ Parking capacity available for 100 cars.

Access Map in English

いちごアイコンOptions for big groups

Plan Ichigo
Winery Green
Min number Price/
Ichigo hunting     15 people Price for Ichigo hunting
Winery Plan     15 people \540
(Including Tax)
Farm Plan   15 people \1,080
(Including Tax)

※ You may order the other plans with Ichigo hunting.
※ Please plan and make reservations two weeks before the day of your visit by E-mail.

いちごアイコンContact Us

Opening Hours: 10am to 3pm (High Season)
Address: 60 Inemi Yamadera-Aza Yamamoto-Cho Watari-Gun, Miyagi, Japan 989-2201